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5G 관련 일러스트 이미지 5G 관련 일러스트 이미지

We will be a world’s one of the leading companies in the strategic RF technology of KF-X AESA radar.

Electronic Device Solution Inc. is leader in RF technology that develops and manufactures parts of KF-X AESA radar. We develop components, parts, and modules that need to use in military systems and industrial systems. We have active and passive components that can perfectly control electronic signal. Moreover, we have been dedicated in offering top quality modules. We also can guarantee that our product’s components and materials are all made in Korea.

Our priority goal is getting customer’s satisfaction for all of our products. We have the technical skills and well prepared employees to respond to customer’s demands at all times. Also, we are trying to improve our customer’s value rather than our company’s own profit or competitiveness.

We have various experiences in developing and manufacturing of RF technology. We hold Quality Certificates of AS9100 and IS09001. This AS9100 quality certificate proves that we never compromised our process robustness, therefore our product is one of the best in the industry as well. Our company has been established and popular company with an excellent work track record for the best Defense industry. In particular, while developing military products we produced products that have proven to be operating in extreme environments through MIL-STD environment test and EMS test.

In addition, we are trying to develop more efficient products by using materials or parts that are made in Korea and we developed our skills by acquiring Certification of Research Institution and Certification of Korea Venture business as well. We are investing in the development of new products in our overall business.

According to these circumstances, we are working hard domestically and internationally to get intellectual property with our various Certifications and new technologies. Moreover, we are trying to play an important role in the overall industry.

Electronic Devices Solution Inc. will make technical progress in the products because customer satisfaction is the most important role for us. We also care about corporate social responsibility. Therefore, our increased revenue will be shared with society for our better future together.

Thank you.

CEO Byeong-Ok Lim
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