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기술진보 관련 아이콘
Technological Progress
  • Advances in technology and product development
  • development of innovative products in RF parts industry
매출증대 관련 아이콘
Sale Increases
  • Aggressive but Stable Sales
  • Munitions Core Parts Development
  • Marketable Product Development
가치창출 관련 아이콘
Value Creation
  • Corporate growth creates social value
  • Increase in employment of our company and its partners
  • Value sharing activates domestic demand
성과공유 관련 아이콘
Share Of Result
  • Sharing Performance for All Employees
  • Extra Incentive
  • Good Benefits for Employees
사회환원 관련 아이콘
Contribute to society
  • Give back to society of corporate profits
  • Constant donation and Charity
  • investment to foster backwardness
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CI: Corporate identity

The logo for Electric Device Solution is
‘Blue’, a symbol of future-oriented high technology.
Blue is traditionally a symbol of logic, reason, and stability.
It presents a futuristic image and symbolizes science.

‘Orange’, a symbol of vitality.
Orange symbolizes warmth, and vitality.

This means creating a warm and beautiful world that promises a rich future based on innovative ideas about research and development and electronics.

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