Developed the Components of
AESA radar 'The Eyes of Fighter Aircraft'

Electronic Device Solution Inc. is a one of the top leader in RF technology that develops and manufactures parts of KF-X AESA radar.

Acquired KS Q 9100 & ISO 9001
Quality management system certification

Based on the KS Q 9100 & ISO 9001,
We provide optimized solutions with a variety of processes from design to production.

Entering the Defense Industry,
Localization of Practical Core Components

Electronic Device Solution Inc. work hard for localization of various RF products as a small and strong defense venture company.

With Electronic Device Solution Inc.
5G-based RF development

We are leading the development of 5G-based RF technology by securing excellent human resources and
forming strategic technological partnerships with domestic companies.

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Electronic Device Solution Inc., MOU with Daejeon City

Electronic Device Solution Inc., 

signs an agreement to attract investment for relocating and establishing new companies in Daejeon city

Daejeon City signed a business agreement with nine small and medium-sized domestic companies to invest KRW 118.2 billion and create about 250 jobs at the Daejeon City Hall conference room at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

The agreement contains joint efforts to create new jobs and develop the local economy through corporate relocation and new investment, as well as administrative and financial support from Daejeon City for smooth investment by companies.

Byeong-ok Lim, CEO of Electronic Device Solution Inc. also attended the agreement and signed an agreement with Daejeon City.

Electronic Device Solution Inc.(CEO Byeong-ok Lim) is a company that develops and manufactures RF components, modules, and devices that use strategic RF technology for military systems such as AESA radar and wireless communications such as 5G communication, and seeks to expand its business area through steady development of mass production facilities and technologies. They announced that they will invest in relocating to Yuseong Jangdae Industrial Complex.

Daejeon Mayor Lee Jang-woo promised, “We will provide generous administrative and financial support by quickly creating a 5 million pyeong+α industrial complex so that Daejeon investment companies can develop and grow.” He also said, “I am grateful to the companies that decided to invest in Daejeon despite the difficult domestic and international economic conditions.”


Electronic Device Solution Inc., participated in ‘WDS 2024’ defense industry exhibition

Electronic Device Solution Inc., 

Participated in ‘WDS 2024’ defense industry exhibition

Electronic Device Solution Inc. participated in the ‘WDS 2024 (World Defense Show 2024)’ defense industry exhibition held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 5 days from February 4 (local time) to 8.

The WDS defense exhibition, which will be held for the second time this year since 2022, has established itself as the largest defense exhibition in the Middle East with over 800 companies from over 40 countries participating at the time of the first exhibition.

This year, more than 900 companies participated, expanding the exhibition scale further than before.

In addition, Electronic Device Solution Inc., operated a standalone booth and showcased high-performance RF electronic technology through a small radar capable of detecting drones, GaN semiconductors, and transmission/reception modules.

This exhibition served as an opportunity to showcase Electronic Device Solution Inc.' technological prowess to customers in the Asia-Middle East market, which has recently been growing rapidly in the defense industry.


2023 End-of Year Closing Ceremony

End-of Year Closing Ceremony

On Friday, December 29, 2023, the conference room of the Daejeon headquarters and the Gyeonggi branch office were connected via video for employees who could not come down due to their work schedule, and the closing ceremony of DS Electronics 2023 was held. The year of 2023 was warmly concluded with the long-term service award (5 years), achievement award, and excellent employee award.

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Better life with Technology

We will open up a hopeful future with constant research and development and innovative thinking about electronic technology. We will create a warm and beautiful world that promises a prosperous future based on the best technology and research in Korea.

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