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Organization Chart

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  • Establish policies and objectives for quality
  • Directing/supervising quality policies to be understood and implemented by all organizations
  • Human resources and resources are provided in the right place to achieve quality policies and quality goals
  • Periodically review the establishment and implementation status of the quality system
  • Regular management reviews and instructions on necessary actions for problems
Future Strategy Department
  • General Manager of Intellectual Property Management
  • Create strong patents and build a portfolio
  • Response to Intellectual Property Disputes / Prior Technology Investigation
  • Security management and issue response
  • Discovering Government Support Tasks / Generalizing Proposals and Reports
  • Production and management of promotional designs
  • Home page management
  • General affairs
Business Management Department
  • Preparation and maintenance of quotation, contract, and order report
  • Communication with customers and general management of customer-related tasks
  • Risk management
Management Department
  • Plan for implementation of policies by department/collection and reporting of performance
  • Establishment of a management review plan and reporting related data
  • General Manager of Human Resources & Funding Accounting
  • Estimation of defense cost and common cost
  • Preparation and management of transaction statements and order forms
  • Education and training and qualification recognition
  • Partner Management
  • Support for government research projects
Research and Development Headquarters
  • Establishment of specific product characteristics, technology, and development direction
  • Establish productization design and development objectives with cost and performance advantages
  • Design plan/planning setting and development
  • Drawing management and follow-up management after product development
  • Planning and discovering projects for technical services/national projects, etc
  • Analyzing and organizing technology development trends based on technology trends and new product trends
  • Development of new products, new technologies, development plans, and specific business plans
Manufacturing Headquarters
  • Planning and supervision of quality management system
  • Review the quality management manual and work process
  • Identifying and providing solutions to problems related to quality management systems
  • General control of inspection work (import, process, final inspection) and record management
  • Create, review, and maintain relevant in-house standards
  • Register, distribute, and maintain documents and materials
  • Establish an internal review plan and report results & manage nonconformity reports and corrective actions
  • Monitoring Equipment Management
  • Management of on-site personnel and work process
  • Identification and traceability management of materials, and fabrications during the process
  • Work plan establishment and work progress management
  • Facility management (inspection equipment management)
  • Process design and change
  • Create a Process Control Table (Treblah)
  • Identification and traceability management of raw materials, finished products, and inventory items
  • Purchasing-related business
Sales Headquarters
  • Conducting market research and competitive analysis to understand market trends and identify opportunities.
  • Prospecting for international clients
  • Managing overseas development projects.
  • Communicating with overseas clients (Email, video calls, face-to-face meetings).
  • Conducting business feasibility analysis
  • Drafting proposals.
  • Finalizing contracts.
  • Planning and participating in exhibitions/seminars.
  • Creating marketing materials (brochures, videos, website etc.)
  • Ensuring compliance with international trade and export regulations
  • Managing post-sales services and providing customer support.
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