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Organization Chart

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  • Establish policies and direction for product quality
  • Commanding and supervising product quality directions to all department to help understanding
  • Arrange employees and resources at the right place for better result and better products quality
  • Review the status of products quality Regularly
  • Keep maintaining a leader’s role and take care of complaints and issues.
Quality Department
  • Planning and Supervising Quality Management System
  • Reviewing quality management manual and work process
  • Finding problems on quality management system and resolve
  • Inspection (final inspection) and overall control of management records
  • Preparation, review and maintenance of relevant in-house standard
  • Registering, distributing and maintaining documents and materials
  • stablishing an internal test and report results & Controlling non-conformance papers and corrections from testing
Development Department
  • Create and manage estimate sheets, contracts, and order reports
  • Communication with customers
  • Drawing product drawing sketches and managing it
  • Responsible for overall customer services
  • risk management
Management Department
  • Create policies and report work result by department
  • Business Management review and report related resources
  • Manage accounting and assist overall work
  • Preparing and Managing transaction sheets and order sheets
  • Training and Qualification
  • Purchase-related work
  • Partnership management
Manufacturing Department
  • Supervising field workers and process
  • Inspection work (import, process) and overall control of records management
  • dentifying materials in products during the process and managing traceabilityy
  • Establishing a work plan and managing the progress of work
  • Facilities and equipment management
  • Process Design and Change
  • Create process management sheet (Traveller)
  • Identifying and managing unprocessed materials, finished goods, and in stock items.
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